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N-Ethylheptedrone 4-HO-EPT 3F-PiHP 3-desoxy-MDPV 4-CMA

New tendency, the appearance of a new synthetic opioid Brorphine in to buy online.


Brorphine is an opioid analgesic based on piperidine. Some of its structural analogues, originally described in 2018, are functionally biased agonists of MJ opioid receptors, demonstrating a reduction in side effects, especially the absence of breathing, with the introduction of mice in high doses. However, it is important to note that this brominated member of this series, although a powerful MJ opioid agonist does not have a safety reserve observed for some other analogs, and is not a functionally displaced connection. Instead, brorphine can be considered as a typical opioid agonist, based on its characteristics in various conditions of analysis, including a steady set of Arrested. Thus, brorphine in terms of safety is not preferable to ordinary street opioids. Moreover, his safety profile is never installed on any animal model. In addition to respiratory risks, it is expected that it will be cardiotoxic, since it is a powerful Herg inhibitor of potassium ion channels, a mechanism that can cause deadly heart arrhythmias similar to Dextopropoxifenu. The previously approved opioid drug, which was removed from sale due to this side effect. Despite potential security problems and lack of animal research, since mid-2019, it is sold as a design drug, initially it was found in the Midwest US, but since then was discovered in 2020 in Belgium. Given its effectiveness, the lack of functional bias and inhibition of HERG, one can expect that it will be a relatively toxic opioid, and, indeed, reported multiple deaths from abuse. In the chemical structure, it is associated with such compounds such as benzylfentanyl and non-loadamide, although it is quite structurally different in order not to fall under the formal definition of a “fentanyl analogue” in such jurisdictions as the United States. And New Zealand, who have the structure of Markush controls this family of drugs.

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