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Ironically, more and more young people are interested in the question: “How to prepare Amphetamine at home?”. This is due to the growing popularity of the stimulant, the simplicity of its synthesis and manufacturing in non-specialized places for this. Everyone can create their own clandestine laboratory for the synthesis of amphetamine. To begin with, you need to have minimal knowledge of organic chemistry in order to understand what kind of equipment you need to purchase in order to later use it to prepare Amphetamine. The easiest and most accessible way to obtain information on the preparation of Amphetamine is to go to the Internet and go to various drug sites where instructions on how to make it at home are available in an accessible form. These articles are very simple to understand, in them, to the smallest detail, are described all sorts of decompositions on the reagents necessary for the correct and efficient synthesis of matter.


In fact, the synthesis of amphetamine is the restoration of ephedrine (a psychoactive and very toxic alkaloid contained in coniferous plants), and this can be achieved by condensation reaction of two active components: phenylacetone and methylamine.
As it turned out, the Internet is teeming with hundreds of recipes for preparing Amphetamine, but in fact not all of them are effective, because require a good knowledge of chemistry, certain skills and experience in the synthesis of amphetamine.


How to prepare Amphetamine at home (one of the available methods)

In general terms, the whole process of preparing a drug takes about 10-15 hours (this depends on the number of people involved in the process and their experience). We take (we buy, we find) ephedrine or one of its analogues: red phosphorus or iodine in crystals.


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