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Methylphenidate or Ritalin
Methylphenidate or Ritalin

Methylphenidate, having the commercial name Ritalin, belongs to the group of non-amphetamine psychostimulants. In fact, it is a drug used in the treatment of some serious diseases, a good stimulant, and in fact, a terrible drug that destroys the psyche and the human body. The negative effect of the drug has already been studied and proven, therefore, in Russia it is included in the list of psychotropics, but in the USA it is included in the second group of drugs, which also includes allowed morphine. What is methylphenidate: a medicine or a drug?

Chemical formula and origin of methylphenidate

The drug with the chemical formula C14H19NO2, or methylphenidate (Ritalin), drug addicts are called differently: baby cocaine, smart pills and even diet pills, but the essence does not change – this is a potent drug.

The history of Ritalin began in 1944, and it was synthesized, like many narcotic substances, in the laboratories of the United States of America. It is difficult to understand why, but already in 1961, Americans began to widely use the drug in pediatrics – it was prescribed to hyperactive children. It soon became clear what had to be dealt with, and especially serious consequences came after an overdose, and cases of drug abuse were not uncommon.

This question was considered at the PACE level in 2002, and the consequence of the use of the drug was a big scandal that erupted in the United States. Numerous legal proceedings were initiated by the parents and relatives of the children undergoing Ritalin treatment. Many of them, having become addicted to the drug, committed suicide. In Russia, Turkey and some other countries, methylphenidate is prohibited, in the USA this has not happened, and it is still used to treat children.

Methylphenidate or Ritalin

How is methylphenidate used in medicine

As already mentioned, American doctors continue to prescribe the psychotropic drug Ritalin to children, trying to cure attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In the Russian Federation, it, like its derivatives, is prohibited. Meanwhile, methylphenidate is part of many medications. Therefore, parents, when buying medicines, should carefully study the instructions.

How to find out that a person is using Ritalin

The original Ritalin from the American company Ciba is a small tablet of 5, 10 and 20 mg. They have a pale yellow or light green color, and you can distinguish them by the extruded name. Drug addicts knead them, and later sniff (where the name came from children’s cocaine), or injected intravenously, which is even more harmful to health. You can recognize a person who is “addicted” to methylphenidate by the following criteria:

-He refuses food;
– becomes concentrated (“smart pills”) and picky about trifles;
– the mood changes – from rainbow to anxious;
insomnia; nausea.

In some cases, but more often with an overdose of the drug, hallucinations begin, blood pressure rises. Overdosing can cause stroke, paralysis and often leads to death.
The effect of methylphenidate on the body

Experienced addicts note that methylphenidate acts like cocaine and amphetamine, but it has less effect on the adrenergic peripheral system. By the way, the effect of the drug has not been thoroughly studied, so it is not clear how the human body can react to it. It is thoroughly known that it acts directly on the cerebral cortex, which leads to the release of dopamine. This is the result of mental disorders such as irritability and aggression. In this condition, the addict can harm others or commit suicide.

More serious consequences occur for those who use Ritalin for a long time. In this case, serious changes occur in the work of all vital organs – the cardiovascular system is disrupted, the lungs, kidneys and liver also work for wear. As a rule, numerous diseases arise, the symptoms of which do not go away even after getting rid of drug addiction. This can be epilepsy and even loss of vision – a consequence of irreversible degenerative changes in fiber.

Methylphenidate or Ritalin

How does drug addiction to Ritalin develop?

Initially, methylphenidate affects a person only at a mental level, but with prolonged drug use and excessive doses, physiological dependence also occurs. If the addict does not receive the next dose of the drug, he does not sleep well, he begins to experience depression, the person becomes quick-tempered and irritable. Ritalin is a tolerant drug, therefore, to obtain the desired effect, you have to constantly increase the dosage, which leads to persistent dependence.

The consequences of prolonged drug use

As with other drugs, in the initial stages of taking methylphenidate, a person feels euphoric, which subsequently changes to apathy. The next dose of the drug helps to get out of depression and withdrawal symptoms, and the consequences of prolonged drug use are as follows:

-aggression, which the addict can no longer control;
– hallucinations, persecution mania and unreasonable fear;
-excited state;
suicidal thoughts.

Studying the effects of Ritalin on the body of drug addicts, pathologists came to the conclusion that many of them died without any reason. If they managed to survive, the prospects in front of them were not bright. As a rule, they constantly increase doses or switch to more “adult” drugs.


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