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The range of drugs is constantly increasing, but a particularly worry causes the fact that the list of narcotic substances replenish pharmacy preparations created to treat people. Among them is a popular drug methadone. Calculated to facilitate pain and fight some mental illness, he fell into the field of sights of drug addicts, among which was widely used. Methadone stops pain, while the euphoria comes, which the drug addicts are achieved. Addictive to the drug occurs after several doses, and its main danger is a large percentage of mortality in the event of an overdose.

Methadone: Description and History of Origin

Methadone, or 6- (dimethylamino) -4,4-diphenylHeptanone-3, having a chemical formula C21H27NO – this is a synthetic drug durability related to the opioid group. It can be found in the form of tablets, powders and crystalline substances. For the first time, the drug was synthesized in Germany in 1937, and it was positioned initially, as a strong painkillers. In the 60s of the last century, it was paid to him in the United States and some European countries, suffering from mass heroic dependence. Methadone was used as substitution therapy, but such treatment is doubtful.

By the way, the methadone is used from the narcotic dependence today, while such treatment has a side effect – while it takes place from the heroin addiction, addiction to the veryrapeutic drug occurs. The effect after receiving the methadone lasts for two days, after which the breaking occurs, and the abstineent state can last and more. Practice shows that the drug reduces the effect of HIV treatments, while patients often buy it themselves, trying to increase the effect of treatment.


Methadone action on brain cells

The drug action of a opium group is similar to the effect of endorphins – they act actively on opioid receptors, while the hormone hormones themselves allocate the human body itself in stressful situations. While endorphins contribute to a decrease in pain and the restoration of the patient’s mental state, methadone contributes to improved mood. A person feels protected, long-term euphoria comes. At the same time, disorders occur in the psyche – the patient ceases to respond to what is happening and oriented in space.
Who is in the risk group

In contrast to Western countries, in Russia, narcologists do not use methadone for substitution therapy, and the turnover of this drug is prohibited by law. Meanwhile, drug dealers do everything to popularize methadone and increase the sale of drugs. A tableted drug is particularly popular, and the most attracts the drug addicts the fact that methadone has a powerful and long effect. In the risk group are:

Heroian-dependent drug addicts that do not increase the dose, but simply are in the search for a stronger drug;
People suffering from chronic pains – having burned in pharmacy preparations, they themselves begin to look for a strong painkiller;
Young people who are in search of drugs delivering “unforgettable” impressions.

Thanks to the efforts of drug dealers, all these people find the sales locations of methadone. Having got the desired, they turn to them again and again, while the doses are constantly increasing, and a drug addiction is quite quickly arising.

How is addictive to drugs

Getting used to methadone occurs in three stages. In the first stage, a person has a psychological need and a desire to get “buzz” once again, after which the attempts continue, and this leads to the fact that the consumption of methadone becomes the norm. At this stage, a person cannot be assumed that the first step towards drug addiction has already been made, because he believes that the situation is under control, although there are already the first signs of dependence, but it is expressed by the following signs:

mood swings;
Self-assessment increases, the indicators in school and at work are improved;
Communicability improves;
improving appetite;

Sleep becomes strong and healthy.

Meanwhile, you can learn a person who receives methadone by narrowed pupils, inhibited movements and disturbed speech. Dustiness and difficult breathing appear, which means that it is already possible to talk about the 2nd stage of addiction when physiological changes occur. At this stage, a person wants to get the right effect is forced to raise the dosage, while severe breaking appears.

At the second stage, a person arises a feeling of anxiety, he becomes irritable and depressive. The body temperature can increase dramatically, as well as blood pressure, the work of the cardiovascular system is disturbed, the limb drives a convulsion, nausea appears, vomiting and diarrhea.

Then we can talk about decompensation – the completion stage of addiction. As a rule, from the time of the first reception of the drug before the formation of a perfection may pass 2-4 months. At the last stage, a person only thinks about the next dose of drugs, and significant changes occur in the psyche and behavior of the drug addict. The lesion of the liver, kidneys, hearts and other vital organs occurs, the body is completely depleted.

Instead of tablets at this stage, drug addiction, wanting to increase the effect, often begin to introduce drugs intravenously. At the last stage of addiction, a person becomes unpredictable – he falls into depression and begins to think about suicide, and hallucinations pursue him constantly. The level of aggression is already difficult to control, while the drug addict pursues fatigue and insomnia. During breakdown, convulsions arise and strong vomiting, which indicates the defeat of the internal organs.


The consequences of methadon abuse

A drug addict, tightly “deserted” for methadone no longer worries what is happening, because the meaning of his life is now the acquisition of another dose of drugs. For her, he is ready for everything, even a crime. As for physical and mental changes, it is necessary to talk about the following of them:

Violation of the work of the cardiovascular system – the jumps of blood pressure, tachycardia and inflammation of the vessels, up to the occurrence of blood clots, which cause strokes and hemorrhage into the brain;
disorders of the digestive system – inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, constant diarrhea, nausea and vomiting;
talcosis of the lungs, other disorders in the operation of the respiratory system, up to suffocation and death;
disorder of the kidneys, liver, the consequences of the renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver;
The reproductive function is disturbed, drug addicts become impotients, and girls dependent on methadone disturb the menstrual cycle, and it is already difficult to talk about the birth of a child.

In drug addicts, among other things, mental abilities are reduced, they become inhibited, oxygen fasting occurs, while the brain cells are destroyed, it becomes insensitive. In addition, drug addicts that use methadone intravenously is a great risk to infect HIV infection and hepatitis.

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