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All about MDMA, MDM.

We will tell you about MDMA mda, ecstasy. One of the most common club drugs, about the pleasures and consequences that a person receives when using mdma. These are the same multicolored tablets that young people use in clubs to dance all night without knowing fatigue. Even if you do not take into account the terrible effects of ecstasy on the human body, this drug is still extremely dangerous. First of all, it is inexpensive and extremely accessible. In addition, cheerful-looking tablets for the first time try in the circle of friends, which significantly reduces the threshold of resistance. For many drug addicts, it is Ecstasy that becomes a kind of “ticket” to the world of prohibited drugs.

All about MDMA, MDM.

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy – so young people call drugs based on methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA / MDMA). In the United States of America, the abbreviation XTC is also often used – it is in accord with its transcription that the word “Ecstasy” – “ex-ti-si” was obtained. So MDMA is called since 1984, so the name was fixed reliably.

But the most popular drug ecstasy acquired in the nineties, becoming one of the attributes of rave parties. Logically, the main consumers of tablets were schoolchildren and students – the most frequent visitors to a variety of club get-togethers.

All about MDMA, MDM.

Social properties of ecstasy

Ecstasy pills stimulate the process of communication – they relax, make a person relaxed, mobile, sociable. The addict feels a sense of embarrassment, shame, he ceases to be shy. In addition, there is an acute need for communication – conversations, touches, joint movements. In addition to ecstasy, emotions become more vivid, physical stamina also increases.

Among other things, the action of ecstasy increases sexual desire and speeds up the thought process. Under ecstasy, people are much quicker to find a common language, get acquainted, give up personal space, merge into dance, and not only. Connecting with rhythmic music, alcohol and light effects, ecstasy provides the addict with a serious emotional uplift, gives the strength to move throughout the night – as the ravers say, “kolbasitsya.” This effect quickly made Ecstasy the most popular “club” drug in the world, and also provided virtually all countries with horrific figures for statistics on teenage addiction.

Ecstasy effect

At its apogee, the ecstasy effect reaches about the third hour after taking the pill. After this moment, visual effects and sensations can persist for several hours. Gradually, the effect of ecstasy fades, and eventually vanishes altogether.

However, not all ecstasy-consuming drug addicts are so lucky with sensations. Many people have to suffer. Especially to those who took the ecstasy tablet for the first time. However, we will not run ahead – this will be our next section of our article.

The action of ecstasy (physical sensations)

Usually ecstasy is taken in the form of tablets. Typically, the tablet contains from 60 to 100 mg of active ingredient. MDMA is also often mixed with other amphetamines, as well as caffeine and other substances. In addition, often under the guise of ecstasy sell tablets from other, cheaper, psychoactive substances.

The action of the tablet (“arrival”) occurs within forty minutes and lasts about three hours. When ecstasy begins to let go, many addicts take the second pill – to maintain the effect. To avoid an overdose, many eat as a “supplement” is not a full pill, and half. Also, a fairly common situation is the reception of ecstasy in even smaller portions – a quarter of the tablets every 1.5-2 hours. This dosage allows you to stretch the effect of ecstasy for the whole night, while avoiding most unpleasant sensations.

Sensations from ecstasy reception

As already mentioned, the first sensation of the Ecstasy tablet will be brought in less than an hour after taking. First, the addict feels a slight tingling sensation. dejstvie-ekstazi3Next, some people have an inexplicable sense of fun, others – dizziness and nausea. However, these symptoms soon pass.

The effect of ecstasy rolls on a person in several waves – during the first few hours after taking the pill. Every next coming is stronger than the previous one. To the excellent mood and joy of communication physical pleasures, a sense of one’s own openness, participation in a single process with all those present are added. All feelings are aggravated, the period of sexual activity (and any other) comes.

Ecstasy pleasantly relaxes muscles, exacerbates sensations from perception of a sound and light – all that in club it is a lot of. Gradually, drug addicts become open, sincere and trustful. Their communication with each other becomes almost gentle.

Side effects of ecstasy use

Beginners often experience discomfort after taking Ecstasy. This can be nausea, cramps and spasms, feelings of anxiety or depression. However, this is nothing more than a protective reaction of the body. In addition, many drug addicts experience pain in the limbs, and some also “muddied the screen”. Often this bouquet is added with sweating of the palms, dry mouth. Sometimes there are even episodes of loss of consciousness.

In addition to all of the above, the common side effect of ecstasy is the so-called bruxism – a phenomenon in which the patient reduces his jaws with creaking teeth. It is because of this effect that many addicts often chew chewing gum, suck caramels or smoke a lot after taking a dose.

Another side effect of ecstasy is inexpressible thirst, which is not very satisfying. In addition, many drug addicts can not sleep for a long time after taking ecstasy.

The list can be replenished – hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, depression and panic attacks. In addition to everything, memory worsens considerably – some drug addicts can not remember even what was said just now.

All about MDMA, MDM.

Exit from narcotic state when using ecstasy

After stopping the ecstasy (“othodnyak”), the addict experiences drowsiness and pain in the muscles, he may have a bad mood and a feeling of emptiness. In addition, night activity results in severe fatigue, and a change in the emotional background sows anxiety.

The severity of departures from ecstasy depends on the person’s constitution and the general state of his health. Affects and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Chronic complications from ecstasy

People who use ecstasy for a long time become more aggressive and impulsive, often suffer from severe depression. Panic becomes a natural state for them.

The effect of ecstasy on the liver

The effect of regular use of ecstasy on the liver is very great, which can cope with only 40% of the drugs contained in tablets. The remaining 60% enter the urine in its original form – it can be used as a drug again.

Influence of ecstasy on the brain

Ecstasy provokes a powerful release of neurotransmitters – hydroxytryptamine and dopamine. They not only affect the ability of the brain to process the information flow, but also are responsible for extreme states of human mood. That is, on the one hand, a person wants to dance and he feels happiness, and on the other – quite the opposite.

In addition, it is proved that ecstasy has a negative effect on the brain, literally destroys it. And, with each time – more and more.dejstvie-ekstazi5

Influence of ecstasy on memory

Recent studies have shown that regular use of ecstasy has a negative impact on human memory. The work of brain cells responsible for the release of serotonin and the performance of memory subsystems is disrupted.

In persons systematically using ecstasy, serotonin levels in the brain are below the norm by 20-60% – in direct proportion to how many times a person used the drug.

With prolonged use of ecstasy, amnesia is also possible – complete loss of memory. Moreover, the first is lost so-called “short memory”, without which it becomes almost impossible to do the simplest things. There are cases when a person takes an object in his hands, but does not remember what he was going to do with it.

The influence of ecstasy on psychological functions

The most significant effect of taking ecstasy is on a person’s psychological functions. And, as already mentioned, the situation is aggravated with each new dose.

Cognitive Disorders

17789183 – can t sleep memory deterioration,

complexity in the performance of complex mental tasks.

Psychomotor disorders

cramps and tremors,

reducing the speed of movement,

deterioration of the reaction,

decrease in dexterity.

Psychobiological disorders


reduction in the tolerability of physical pain,

loss of appetite,

digestive disorders,

the intensification of depression,

growing aggressiveness,

constant irritability,

increased anxiety.

Getting used to ecstasy

Quite common is the view that ecstasy is not addictive, it does not form addiction. Unfortunately, it is not confirmed by anything. As a refutation it is possible to cite the statistics of appeals of addicts using ecstasy, for help to narcologists – to tie with ecstasy is almost impossible on their own. Especially if the drug is used regularly and in significant doses.

In addition, addicts have a constant need to increase the dose to achieve the desired effects of ecstasy. This indicates the development of a human body some habit to the previous dosages, which in fact is an addiction.

Death from ecstasy

Given the huge spread of the drug around the world, death from ecstasy is a rare occurrence. According to statistics, it is much easier to get a lightning stroke than to die from ecstasy. Professional dejstvie-ekstazi7courcologists do not agree with these figures. They are sure that real mortality is underestimated, since the death of a person does not come from the very use of the drug, but from its consequences.

The risk of death with ecstasy is like to compare with the likelihood of death from smoking and alcohol. In this case, as a rule, people who died after the drug is removed from the body are not considered. Recall that more than 60% of substances are excreted in the urine in the unchanged form – that is, with the closest urination. In addition, the effects of ecstasy on the brain and liver have postponed effects, and by the time of human death, nothing can yet indicate the fact of using ecstasy.

The use of ecstasy leads to hyperthermia and hyponatremia. In addition, the death of a drug addict can lead to heat stroke, liver failure or heart attack. Moreover, many doctors note that the dosage of Ecstasy has practically no effect on the probability of occurrence of fatal complications, that is, any dose may be fatal.

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