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Various drugs are used to relieve pain in patients with various, including incurable, diseases, including Bupmen, Norphin and Buprex, which contain Buprenorphine, a substance that can cope with the most severe pain. It is this effect that attracts drug addicts who use it to achieve the desired effect.

Buprenorphine composition and properties

Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic substance with pronounced analgesic properties. It is a crystalline white powder (opioid) that does not dissolve in water, but perfectly dissolves in ethyl alcohol, and no precipitate occurs. They have the formula C29H42CINO4, and the drug is produced in the form of tablets and ampoules. The active dose of the main component in tablets is 2-4 mg, and in ampoules – 0.3 mg. In addition to buprenorphine, the drug contains some additives, such as aspartame, citric acid and some others.

Experts do not recommend using the drug without a doctor’s prescription, as in this case it can turn into a highly addictive drug. The main action of Buprenorphine is euphoria, as it directly affects the central nervous system, as is the case with heroin and morphine. Inappropriate use of the drug, on the contrary, leads to irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and apathy.


History of origin

Buprenorphine is a relatively young drug synthesized at the end of the last century, and its active use for medical purposes began in 1996. Thanks to the use of drugs in this series, they were able to alleviate the suffering of many people suffering from cancer, Buprenorphine is also indispensable when recovering from major operations. Experts explain the demand for the drug by the fact that it is much safer than the same methadone used for pain relief before its appearance. It also has a positive effect during withdrawal, however, addiction to Buprenorphine occurs quite quickly, moreover, it can not only be used intravenously, but also inhaled like cocaine.

What does the official medicine say?

As already mentioned, official medicine has adopted Buprenorphine, and not by accident. First of all, it is a strong analgesic with analgesic properties. Therefore, it is used in oncology and even in the treatment of opium-dependent drug addicts, but it is not worth doing it yourself, without consulting a narcologist, since the risk of addiction is high. The Buprenorphine tablet should dissolve under the tongue, while drug addicts are first prescribed a dose of 4-8 mg, after which it is halved, and the frequency of taking the drug should not exceed once a day. It is difficult to buy a drug in the public domain, since it belongs to group 2 drugs.

How does a buprenorphine addict stand out?

The main goal of the addict is to get pleasure, which is achieved with the use of Buprenorphine. This substance acts directly on the brain cells, and the effect occurs on the pleasure centers responsible for addiction to other drugs. That is why it is used in the fight against addiction to other drugs. It is not difficult to identify a person who is addicted to Buprenorphine, as this manifests itself clearly:

-the addict becomes slurred, drawing out words and whole sentences;
-there is a desire to be alone with yourself;
-blood pressure drops;
-difficulty breathing;
-the skin turns pale;
-the pupils become narrow.

Having found these symptoms and traces of injections, the relatives of the addict should take emergency measures. By the way, urine analysis will help to determine the fact of using Buprenorphine, since the substance is removed from the body through it, although the last word should be with a specialist in narcology.

How does buprenorphine affect humans

Buprenorphine, as already mentioned, has a strong analgesic effect, and it is 30 times stronger than that of morphine, so you need to be extremely careful with it. Changes in the body with intravenous use of the drug occur within 15 minutes, and an overdose and constant uncontrolled use can lead to negative consequences, as mentioned above.

The main danger of Buprenorphine is that this substance is not toxic, therefore, addiction to it does not occur as quickly as in the case of other drugs. Irritability and other negative effects appear only two months after the end of the intake. Having found that the person who used the remedy has a chill, or he is thrown into a fever, and the muscles involuntarily contract, measures should be taken to provide first aid. Only professional narcologists can help to get out of a difficult state by prescribing complex treatment, including the use of analgesics.

If you do not start treatment in a timely manner, the human psyche is disturbed, the patient’s physical condition also deteriorates. In particular, breathing spasms can occur and cardiac arrest is not even ruled out. If unpleasant symptoms occur, you should stop using Buprenorphine, and doctors will take steps to restore blood circulation and ventilate the patient’s lungs. You will also need gastrointestinal lavage, but all manipulations must be carried out under the supervision of a narcologist.



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