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alpha-PVP "flakka"

Drug Alpha-pvp – alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a detailed description

Alpha PVP (formula – alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone) is a drug of synthetic origin. It is gaining popularity due to its low cost and high power. Alpha-PVP dependence is almost impossible to cure on your own.

What is Alpha PVP?

Alpha-PVP is a narcotic substance that contains cathinones. The latter are shrubs growing in eastern Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula.

Other synthetics from the cathinone class have a similar structure and effect: MPPP, MDPPP, MDPV, Mephedrone. All drugs in this group are called bath salts.

Although Alpha-PVP is considered an improved version of the “salt” of MDPV, its effects on the psyche are much more powerful. There are many descriptions of cases of cruelty and violence under the influence of this substance.
Alpha PVP Drug History

Salt Alpha PVP was developed in the 1960s. Pharmacists from Germany synthesized it as a drug to stimulate the nervous system. Illegal drug use began to spread in the late 2000s in the United States, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland.

In 2016, outbreaks of inappropriate behavior in people after using the alpha-PVP drug began to be observed in the United States of America. Cases of cannibalism in Florida have been described. After analysis, the drug was not found in the blood of cannibals. However, this incident is still used for propaganda against narcotic substances.

alpha-PVP "flakka"

What does the drug look like and how to use it

The substance is called “flakka” because of its characteristic appearance. It looks like transparent granules of a pinkish or completely white color. It is odorless.

Addicts take zombies as follows:

administered intravenously;
use inside.

Intranasal intake is considered dangerous. Addicts the whole world get used to the drug most quickly by rubbing it in their nose or sniffing.

Smoking Alpha-PVP salt is similar to taking methamphetamine. Last drug dealers are often replaced by cheaper and more affordable “zombies.” Appearance is almost the same, but the effect on the psyche is different. Alpha-PVP while smoking has a faster and stronger effect on mental health than meth.

The effect of the drug Alpha-PVP directly depends on the dose. When taking from 5 to 10 mg of the substance, it acts as a psychostimulant and causes euphoria.

A dose of 10-25 mg has a stronger activating effect on the central nervous system. Hallucinations join in euphoria and high spirits.

A dosage of Alpha-PVP above 25 mg leads to aggressive behavior, causing vivid and realistic hallucinations. Human activity ceases to be productive. He cannot concentrate on one lesson.

The worst consequence of Alpha-PVP for the psyche when taking a high dosage is hyperstimulation of the nervous system and paranoia. Obsessive ideas of persecution, poisoning are the most common cause of suicide in overdose.

Alpha-PVP Effects

The main effect of Alpha-PVP is psychostimulation. It consists in increasing the mental and physical activity of a person. After using the drug, a person’s working capacity increases, drowsiness and fatigue go away. Higher mental functions are activated: speech, thinking, memory.

Other psychotropic effects of the “flakka” trip:

high concentration of attention;
increased libido;
sexual arousal;
feeling of warmth in the body.

Symptoms last for 30-45 minutes. The addict experiences a peak of pleasure 1.5 hours after drinking. Most effects go away after 4 hours. The general feeling of peace and “buzz” persists for 6 hours after administration. After this period, the patient feels overwhelmed.
Overdose symptoms

An overdose of alpha-PVP in the form of crystals occurs after taking more than 25 mg intranasally or 40 mg orally.

Using too high a dose at a time leads to side effects:

panic attack;
impaired consciousness;
increase in body temperature;
increase in pressure;
malfunctions in the heart rhythm.

Signs of severe poisoning are amnesia, cerebral edema, myocardial infarction, stroke.


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